Hampton and Astley 100% Egyptian Cotton Luxury Bath Sheet, Navy

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Luxuriously soft, highly absorbent, incredibly durable and beautifully designed. These are the hallmarks of the Hampton and Astley Collection with each of our navy blue bath sheets made from the purest Egyptian cotton.

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    Luxuriously soft, highly absorbent, incredibly durable and beautifully designed. These are the hallmarks of the Hampton and Astley Collection with each of our navy blue bath sheets made from the purest Egyptian cotton.

    • Luxuriously soft

      The long natural fibres that form our superior Egyptian cotton bath sheets feel exquisitely soft against the skin and are supple and delicate to the touch. Furthermore, after every wash for up to the first three washes our bath sheets become even fluffier and softer.

      Highly absorbent

      At a weight of 500GSM (grams per square metre) every Hampton and Astley towel has a pile made of thousands of the finest Egyptian cotton fibres threaded into loops that are tightly woven together to create the maximum surface area possible.

      This increased surface area results in high absorbency - effortlessly wicking moisture away from the skin to allow for quick and easy drying.

      Incredibly durable

      The luxurious Egyptian cotton used in every Hampton and Astley bath sheet ensures that each one is strong enough to endure daily use over long periods of time and can withstand many washes without the risk of shrinkage or colour loss.

      Beautifully designed

      Measuring a large 96cm x 145cm each luxury bath sheet is available in a variety of simple stunning colours that perfectly match our towel sets. These colours range from the vibrant and fun to the subtle and sophisticated. The finishing touch on every Hampton and Astley bath sheet is a contemporary double stitch embroidered border that completes the beautiful design.

      Lightweight quality

      The founders of Hampton and Astley have previously come across towels sold by well-known stores on the high street that appear soft and thick to the touch, giving the impression of quality.

      However, after one or two washes these towels often start to lose their softness but worse still they simply do not have the absorbency expected, instead tending to smear water around the body rather than absorb it.

      The founders concluded from this experience that a thick, initially soft towel is not an indication of quality nor the ability of what should be a towel’s core competency - to dry a person quickly and effortlessly.

      Hampton and Astley bath sheets are different. Not only are they made from the purest Egyptian cotton, are irresistibly soft – and get softer and fluffier after being washed – boast superior absorbency, offer incredible durability and are beautifully designed.

      They are also a lightweight, high quality towel, similar to those found in spas in continental Europe. Their lightweight design gives them a delicate, sensual feel on the skin and makes them quick to dry - either after being in a washing machine or when left on a towel rail.

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