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Egyptian Cotton Towels

About us

A few years ago, the founders of Hampton and Astley purchased some towels from a well-known high street store.

On the face of it the towels were thick and soft and therefore were perceived to be luxurious.

However, upon getting the towels home and washing them, although still thick the towels immediately felt like they had lost some of their softness compared to how they felt initially in the store.

Worse still upon using the towels for the first time they simply did not have the absorbency expected, rather they tended to smear water around the body rather than absorb it.

They also shed thousands of fibres in the bathroom, creating a bit of a mess in the process.

The penny dropped. A thick, soft towel is not an indication of quality nor the ability of what should be a towel’s core competency - to dry a person quickly and effortlessly.

Hampton and Astley towels are different. Made from pure 100% Egyptian cotton they are not only irresistibly soft – and remain so after being washed - but have superior absorbency. Indeed, we make towels that actually dry you. Who would have thought it!?

Our approach to towels is the same approach that we take across all of our collections.

That is to offer luxury, high performing homeware at affordable prices that delight our customers.

All of our collections are built to perform better than the equivalent priced product on the high street and therefore give our customers exceptional value for money.

Not only that but the company founders personally test each collection to ensure that it meets the highest standards and more importantly, our customers’ expectations. Therefore, we hope that you enjoy them.

Caroline & Matt 😊